Addressing Common Myths About E-cigarettes


Nowadays, there is a lot of speculation and rumors about e-cigarettes, particularly if you are a smoker. In any case, there are myths and rumors just about everything. You can dispel rumors by learning how you can distinguish facts from opinions, truths, and propaganda. The most important thing is to learn the good products and to choose the manufacturer wisely. Moreover, you should pay attention to the information you are getting.

Common myths

E-cigs are illegalb4263tyarr3u63

Maybe in other places. However, in most European countries and the US, these devices are allowed. Fortunately, these products are becoming widely accepted and mainstream. Therefore even in the future, they are unlikely to be banned.

They are bad

People that spread this rumor say that electronic cigarettes are bad because they are nicotine. They go on to say, that e-cigars are no different from the traditional cigarettes. The fact is that whatever they are saying is totally wrong. Although nicotine is quite addictive, the effects of nicotine on the human body are very minimal. As you know, traditional cigarettes are addictive and contain chemicals and smoke and not much nicotine.

They are dangerous

Some propagandists claim that e-cigs are dangerous because people are not aware what they contain. This is not the case as there are several reputable companies out there making these products. Every legitimate brand must specify its ingredients. It is advisable to do your research on the ingredients to understand what you are inhaling.

They can explode

This is wrong. However, if you play with the e-liquid, then it can explode. Moreover, you should use the right batteries and follow the instructions. If you are new to electronic cigarettes, you should learn a lot beforehand. You will realize that majority of e-cigs cannot explode in the face.

They are expensive

This is maibr35635ts7y3863nly dependent on the brand. Fortunately, the majority of electronic cigarettes are efficient in every way, particularly when it comes to cost. Good brands are priced competitively. The refilling cost is considerably less as compared to the traditional cigarettes.

They contain chemicals

This also will depend on the brand you buy. Nowadays, it is very difficult for companies to manufacture and sell dangerous products. Therefore, you should choose the brand careful, go to trusted brands, and research about the market.

They cause cancer

This is not true. There are a lot of emerging studies, which have dispelled the myth. For instance, they do not contain carcinogenic.…

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