Tips To Choose The Right E-liquid


It is possible to enhance your experience with electronic cigarettes by choosing the right e-liquid for you. In fact, a flavored e-liquid is one of most exciting things when it comes to using electronic cigarettes. You can choose from a broad range of flavors as compared to traditional cigarettes.

What is an e-liquid?

This is juice that fills electronic cigarette cartridges. It is turned into vapor by the atomizer. Usually, it is a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol with added flavorings and nicotine. One of the things that affect properties of the vapor generated is the ratio of dr36gtgydhu4j84j4ivegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. The majority of the e-liquids have a lot of PG as compared to VG. However, the ratio you choose is what you prefer. In fact, PC is the one that stimulates feel of smoking due to a strong “throat hit.” This is the sensation you acquire when the nicotine hits your throat.

Customizable E-liquid

The other thing to take into account is nicotine strength. The strength is available in the range of 0 mg/ml to 36 mg/ml. There are several strengths that are in-between. Whatever you choose depends on your smoking behavior. The highest strength is meant for people that usually smoke two packs every day. On the other hand, no nicotine e-juices are for others that have just quit nicotine addiction but need to use e-cigarettes to help them deal with oral cravings.

Amount of nicotine

The majority of the first-time e-cigarettes overestimate the amount of nicotine, which they need. Therefore, you need to be very careful 536ysyuj3iks9ko3i33with this. Otherwise, you are likely to overdose yourself with nicotine. In addition, you are likely to increase your addiction. It is advisable to use a lower dose frequently as compared to taking a high dose.


In choosing a flavor, personal tastes are key. Usually, smokers start with a flavor, which closely mimics brand of cigarette, which they used to smoke. However, you can also try flavors, which are reminiscent of the alcoholic drinks such as champagne, whiskey, rum, and many more. Nowadays, there are other flavors such as green tea, cappuccino.…

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