Diabetes and How to Control It

People living with diabetes may have read or heard a lot about managing, or controlling, the condition. But do you really have a clear insight about diabetes and how to control it? And, why is it really important to control the condition?

Diabetes control

When health care providers or doctors talk about ‘Diabetes Control’, jsfgjdrte578469864they are usually referring to how your blood glucose, or sugar, is maintained at the desired/right range. Having too little or too much sugar in the blood can cause you to feel sick and can also bring about a lot of serious health problems later on in life.

Managing diabetes is simply just like a 3-way balancing action: The food you eat, the amount of exercise you need or get, and the medications you take (pills or insulin) to be in sync.

The condition may get out of control if one:

. Fails to take medicines as directed by the physician

. Fails to properly follow the meal plan (such as not eating enough food to support diabetes medicines or eating too much food)

.Fails to get regular exercise or; exercises less or more than required without making some important changes to his or her plan

. Has too much stress or an illness

. Does not check his or her blood sugar levels well

What happens if diabetes if diabetes is not controlled?

jhsrtgawe563748Out-of-control diabetes can bring about several short-term health issues, such as hyperglycemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, or hypoglycemia. In the long run, failure to control diabetes may also cause serious damages to the vessels that supply important organs with blood. Such organs include the heart, eyes, kidneys as well as the nerves. This in turn means that stroke and heart disease, vision problems, nerve problems, and kidney disease can occur to people already having diabetes.

It is important to note that these problems rarely show up in teens or kids who have just had the disease for a very short period. However, adults with diabetes have a very high chance of developing these problems if at all they do not monitor and control their condition.

What is the best solution?

The good news about diabetes is that it can easily be controlled, and patients have a very high chance of living for quite a long time. It only calls for “personal effort” on the side of the patient and “total dedication” on those taking care of these patients, especially the elderly ones. Controlling your blood sugar levels is simple:

. Take your pills or insulin when you are supposed tosfte5868538

. Get regular exercise

. Follow your plan carefully

. Visit your diabetes health care provider regularly

. Check you’re the levels of your blood sugar often and always make changes where needed

. Learn as much as you can about diabetes and how to control it